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Andromeda Galaxy (Messier 31, M31, or NGC 224)


With the appearance of advanced telescopes and science, the Andromeda Galaxy is instantly notorious for being some 2.5 million light-years of us. An estimate of that for just a consequence – the light that you observe from this giant galaxy split the stars of Andromeda 2.5 million years ago and got here in October of 2020........ MORE

Geminid Meteor Shower 2020 India After Effect For COVID-19

The Geminid meteor shower happens when Earth crosses through a way of dusty screenings and trash left behind by the legendary 'Rock Comet' called 3200 Phaethon. A rock comet is a solid asteroid that performs like a comet, outgassing elements like stone textures, instead of a conventional comet that outgasses frost ....... MORE


TRAPPIST-1 Planetary Solar system

TRAPPIST-1 is a terrestrial system, discovered 12 parsecs continuously from the Solar system (39 light-years), nearby ecliptic, within the planets of Aquarius. Encompassing a star which is 12 times scarce massive than the Sun and only imperceptibly larger than Jupiter, there remain at least seven planetoids in orbit .......MORE

A New Doughnut-Shaped Galaxy (R5519) 11 Billion Light Years Away, ASTRO 3D

A novel galaxy has been indentified, and interestingly, it's shaped similar to a doughnut. According to a press statement from this ARC core of Excellence as All-Sky Astrophysics into 3 Dimensions (ASTRO 3D) on May 25, 2020, the determination of a galaxy related to a "cosmic ring of fire" could produce more recognition of how astronomical structures are create and whence others evolve.... MORE